Turtlesinger, Inc. programs and songs address
New Jersey Core Curriculum Content
Standards of Aesthetics (1.1.2, 4, 6, 8),
Creation & Performance (1.2.2), History &
Culture (1.5.2, 4, 6, 8) and serve New Jersey,
New York, Pennsylvania--and Beyond!
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Turtlesinger, Inc.
785 Stone Harbor Blvd.
Cape May Court House, NJ 08210
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Karen with Rocky, Gracie, Big Black Bart, &
Turtlesinger Show Prices
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Click above to go
to CDbaby.com
and hear audio
clips from the
Turtle Bug CD!
Click above to go
to CDbaby.com
and hear audio
clips from the
Different CD!

Karen Buckley of Turtlesinger, Inc.:  WINNER of the ANJEE (Alliance for New Jersey Environmental
Outstanding Environmental Educator Award for Work with the Public at Large!
This award brings statewide recognition to her outstanding leadership in the field of environmental
education.  Karen received this award at the ANJEE Awards Banquet held in conjunction with the
21st Annual New Jersey Environmental Education Conference in Princeton, New Jersey,
and was honored once again for this award at the 30th Annual New Jersey
Science Convention in Somerset, New Jersey!
Meet the Famous
Turtlesinger Turtles:
Rocky and Gracie (as seen
The New York Times and
New York Daily News),
Five-time blue ribbon and
gold medal winner Big
Black Bart, and Spike,
featured with all of the
Turtlesinger turtles
NY1 TV News
and in Central Park!
Click to go to CDbaby.com
Click to go to CDbaby.com
Turtlesinger, Inc.
a Federal 501(c)3 Public Charity:
educates and entertains the public about turtles with original songs and/or live turtles.
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Turtle Star BART
Turtle Star ROCKY
Turtle Star SPIKE
Turtle Star GRACIE
Meet Rocky!  Turtlesinger, Inc. is pleased to announce that
Turtlesinger turtle ROCKY won a place in the NJVMA (New
Jersey Veterinary Medical Association)
12th Annual Animal Hall of Fame
www.njvma.org for more pictures and information)!
Rocky made history by being the first reptile and the first turtle
to ever win this New Jersey Animal Hall of Fame honor!
Rocky is also one of the very special animals
featured in the Borders Exclusive book:
Hopeful Tails:  Stories of Rescued Pets
and Their Forever Families
Rocky also has his own book: Rocky
which goes along with the Rocky song.
Purchase your copy at a Turtlesinger show,
and have Rocky "autograph" it
(he steps on a washable ink pad,
then onto the book page) for you personally!
Click here to watch Rocky in action on South Jersey Video Magazine!
New Jersey Charities Registration # CH2998200
Last Updated:  04/05/2018
Turtlesinger Turtle Video on SJVM.ORG
How it all began
Please mail your tax-deductible check
(payable to Turtlesinger, Inc.) to:
Turtlesinger, Inc.
785 Stone Harbor Blvd.
Cape May Court House, NJ 08210
Booking Now for Music - Libraries Rock!
2018 Summer Library Reading Programs
with our Turtles from Around the World
TWO musical, interactive programs perfect for children, teens and
families:  The Turtlesinger LTE (Live Turtle Encounter) Show with live
turtles and professionally recorded music from Turtlesinger CD's, (click
below to hear song clips)  and the Turtlesinger Deluxe Show with live
music, live turtles and professional sound system!  Click above for
more details on "Turtlesinger Show Prices"
Turtlesinger, Inc. Promotes Literacy All Year Long with the:
Turtle T.A.L.E.S. (Turtles Are Listening to Every Story)
"Read and Feed" Reading Program
Turtlesinger Hotline:
(609) 463-0685
One Sheet  Show Prices

Visit Spike on YouTube!
Click on Rocky's
picture to the right
to view a short
video about
Turtlesinger, Inc.
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